You’re probably wondering if I’ve been sniffing paint again. And you would be right. In some alternate universe on the infinite plain of possibilities, I am. Sadly, or smartly, I’m not doing that on this plain of existence.

Instead I went hiking today with my my BMP. Which stands for Belgium Monster Puppy. I am always wondering if one morning I will wake up without any arms or legs from the very sharp piranha like teeth she has. One really good thing about her though, my adopted cat Mookie no longer comes into my room at night and pushes me with her paw for attention. Small favors, huh?

Looks fairly innocent? This was right after she ate two older hikers coming down the mountain. Makes, ya think, right?

I always love hiking after a recent rain. Mushrooms start springing up like wild flowers, almost everywhere! Of course I snapped a few pics for a quick post here.