So, here I am again. Making up stuff for fun. Well, not for fun. More because it’s cold outside. And it’s my second post. The third one will be coming very soon.

UPDATE: I am patiently waiting. For something. Anything. A sign? A miracle? Maybe a notice from an alphabet agency telling me they need my kitchen remodelling money again? Perhaps I am waiting for some inspiration to write some tunes or at least work on the ones that need finishing. Really, I think I’m waiting for my vision or purpose in life to majestically appear or finally be realized. Until then, my purpose is being fulfilled by making a healthy smoothie.

In the meantime, enjoy this weird bug on my patio
UPDATE: Got this from my friend Carolyn –
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug introduced into the US around the year 2000 – it’s a pest that munches on plants etc.