Division by 3. Yep. 2019 is divisible by 3. In fact, you can add all the numbers in the year and still divide by 3. Is there any significance to this puzzle? Well, anytime you can add all the numbers together and that number is divisible by 3, the main number is as well. For example: 34,5261 – added together is 21, (can be divided by 3) which added together again is of course 3. So, 34,5261 can be divided by 3. Is this important in life to know?

I don’t know. What I understand from the above is how little we know about the universe, god and the meaning of life. Something so seemingly innocent as the above equation that always works implies a grand design. An architect of intelligent planning and creation. Mathematics in general, is powerful proof of god’s existence. What about numbers that aren’t divisible by 3? How about Fibonacci numbers? Prime numbers? And do I care? Just what does all this mean to me?

Rather then hurt my tiny little brain with this spiral into oblivion, I’m going to look at only the transition from 2019 to 2020. I have this song going through my head now… “in the year 2525, if man is still alive – if woman can survive, They may find…”

Personally, it’s been a tough year. With so many ups and downs I felt like I was in a life sized game of Chutes and Ladders. I’m not getting into any specifics for the moment. Almost everyone has their own version of the ups and downs game. I definitely don’t have the market cornered where that’s concerned. It all boils down to big potatoes, small potatoes. What’s important to me isn’t always important to another and the reverse holds true. My big potatoes or life lessons are small potatoes to another.

Will 2020 be the same as 2019? I sure hope not. IN fact, I’m sending out some amazing vibes to anyone and everyone I meet just to help change the Status Quo. Perhaps, I will infect the people I meet with a newfound love of life. Give people a new reason to get up off the couch and explore the current confines of our planet. Our temporary planetary prison.

Then again, perhaps I will just start living my own life.