Spoiler Alert! – This is a movie currently playing on Amazon Prime.

I just may give away some of the story in the following paragraphs. Or not. The movie starts out slows but steady with a father talking to his daughter in what feels like a tent or other outdoor structure. He’s making up a story about Noah’s Ark which he renames Art’s Ark during the telling. At first I was wondering if there was a point to this. A strange way to begin a movie for sure, although in hindsight, it fits perfectly.

The story is fun and silly and has some moral implications. As the story unfolds you begin to realize there is much more going on. In fact, as the movie progresses and the plot becomes more apparent, the movie turns into a compelling drama of a father devoted to raising his daughter in a world, where a devastating virus nearly wipes out the entire female population on earth.

Well, you can guess from there the hardships endured while disguising his daughter as a young boy to prevent other men from taking her away. Some of the men in the movie are played as decent ones, while most are plain jerks. As the the relationship unfolds on screen, the characters become larger than life, as the young girl grows stronger from her dads tutelage and protection.

I loved this story. Slowly told, very little in the way of special effects, dialog that seemed just right, I found myself sucked into this apocalyptic future world. While some women had natural immunity to the virus, along with the fathers daughter, most had perished. There were some parts that felt forced on me. Again, once past those the movie flowed quite well.

This movie gets an “I am a sap” rating for the warmth and love between father and daughter.