While hiking a few weeks back, we came across some bright green leaves on the forest bed. Was it stinging nettles? Poison Oak? Or something less nefarious. Well, stinging nettles is actually quite healthy. Tastes a little like spinach. I seem to forget it isn’t spinach and pick it with my bare hands. Can you say “absorbing junior?” Maybe I will learn better someday.

The leafy plant turns out to be wild blackberries. Of course getting them before the bears, birds and various critters of the wild, may prove to be frustrating.

This weekend was a long and emotional one for me. I’ve managed to talk myself out of doing stupid things. Being an adult can be hard sometimes. Which is why I am mostly silly and goofy about 95% of my waking day. Between my inherited mothers cat nudging me with her paw throughout the night and my geriatric pups barking at the rolly polly bug walking across the floor, sleep can be evasive.

Good morning to all!