`Sooooo, I was minding my own business just working on tunes and I noticed the trash lid was a wee bit open on my computer. Just a wee bit. Not one to pass on a mysterious trash can lid (smile) I opened the can and presto chango. There was a tune I had discarded about 10 years back. Why would I do something so callus and inconsiderate as to throw away a tune without a proper burial? I proceeded to load the tune into my DAW (ardour) and began the process of channel assignments and various mixer settings, until I had a workable and somewhat listenable song. 

WOW! Brought back memories. While it’s not one of my better recordings I thought, gee, why not add it to the website? Those who know me understand that my website is not about good or bad music, but about giving a voice to quite a few tunes that would most likely never see daylight. And by golly, Fall In Love sure qualified.  First I apologized to the tune for leaving it in a trash can devoid of light. And after a few listens, figured I could do a simple remix. I added the tune to the “music orphans” page – scroll down to number 19. And I’m adding it here as well. Take a listen, hate it, love it, don’t care or whatever. Doesn’t matter, the tune lives again. (smile)