You’re thinking the series with Drew Barrymore? Buzzer sounds. Nope. This was a real diet not some bloody mess of dysfunctional writers trying to shock and awe the viewing public. Yes, I watched a few episodes. It was OK. I liked Timothy Olyphant in the Justified and Deadwood series. Of course, Drew has been one of my gotos for great movies! But the Santa Clarita Diet was not for me.

However, the Forks over Knives and the John Mcdougall diet was on my radar. The gist is you can eat pretty much all you want. With the exception of all oils, dairy, meats etc. Potatoes? Sure. Pig out. Tortillas with refried beans, no oil? Yessiree! Heck, eat all day long with lots of starchy foods and don’t use the brakes. This diet is rumored to give your body energy and nutrition without all the fat. Supposedly, the protein from this plant based diet is enough.

What happened? Can you say Fire Truck and leave out “ire Tr”? Never again. At least for me. I was already at a marginal weight and started dropping pounds like a drug dealer running from the Feds. By the end of a month, I was easily 10 pounds lighter. Extremely tired, walking with a hunched over body from absolutely zero energy. Geesh. Can you say Zombie? (see earlier zombie posts…editor)

What the hell happened? Did I do it right? Was Johnny Carson back on the air? The world was upside down. At least for me. In my brain-clouded-foggy brain an idea began to form slowly – STOP! Yep. stop the diet. My first real meal after stopping was amazing.  The results from one sitting encouraged me. I was able to stand upright again. For a brief moment in time, while on the diet, I thought I would be going back to the oceans swirling mess of creation and lose all those wonderful years of evolution.

If you’re overweight or would just like to lose a few pounds, hey, give this a try. If you like the weight you’re at, eating healthy, enjoying life, stay the Fire Truck away.