I was recently told I avoid conflict. My reply? Yes. Perhaps it’s just easier than hashing things out or maybe the conflict monster will get you by saying “conflict” 3 times while turning counterclockwise in front of a mirror. Not being superstitious rules out one of the thoughts above. But which one?

Is there any doubt that given a choice most would walk away or run in the other direction? Me myself and I argue all the time. Like now fer instance. But how can you really argue with yourself? You already know what the other persona is going to say and do.

Living a conflict free life is pretty tough almost anywhere in the world. In Krazyfornia, just about impossible. What kinds of conflict are there? Well, let’s play “name that conflict” for a moment here.

Person vs Person

Person vs Supernatual

Person vs Self

Person vs Machine

My favorite is person vs self. More on that in PART II of conlict…