Guilty pleasures. Yep, binge watching series on netflix or amazon prime etc. While there are some series I can only wonder who green lighted them, others are pretty good. And once in awhile, really good. Like, fer example: The Kominsky Method. Amazing series with Michael Douglas teaching young aspiring actors how to get into character. There are wonderful supporting actors and a surprising guest visit by his costar Kathleen Turner, in Romancing the Stone, who plays his ex-wife on the show. The dialog between them is priceless regarding their daughter who helps run the actors studio business.

Lost in Space, the reboot by netflix is also a gem. The casting is wonderful and spot-on. While the second season story is harder to get into, all is done with such precision and care, it’s still a joy to watch. The Witcher another one. See my earlier post of the same name.

And then along comes a surprise. Something from left field. Or right field if you prefer. A show that has me glued to the start button on my roku to advance to the next episode.


Basic premise: A man out of nowhere seemingly, begins leading people who think he’s an agent of god. Some of course, believe him to be a false prophet, others think he’s the real deal. I’m halfway through the show and from all the clues that have been shown, still have no idea whether he’s a fake or the messiah. The sub plots can be distracting at times, although they tie together eventually. My suggestion? Take a chance and watch it. In my book, it’s a welcome change to some of the crap netflix has been making of late.

And if you don’t like it, leave me a comment explaining why. I would love to hear other viewpoints.

Unless they disagree with mine, This is my blog, after all. (smile)